‘Time traveller’ from 2906 says humanity faces 5 horror events including real-life PURGE

A person outlandishly claiming to be a ” time traveller ” hailing from the year 2906 thinks humanity will face scary events in the upcoming years, which include a real-life purge.

The user on TikTok is called the “time voyager” and thinks they have been travelling for “many different years” and that now is the best time to help.

In several clips, they claim, without any basis, that five specific events in the next two years could alter the course of human history forever.

They believe action must be urgently taken now.

In that timeframe, they indicated that humans will experience a “zombie” pig plague, with new lockdowns and a possible alien visit.

In one clip they said: “I will be helping you all be aware of what’s to come, and help you all come together and save the human race.

“Mankind has been at war from 2243 – 2906 and will be that way, unless it unites now.”

As of today, they suggested that humans should be aware of the existence of the undead – specifically those in pig form.

According to a post five days ago, an “infected pig” escaped from a lab carrying a disease, leading to a mass of contaminated “zombie pigs.”

Come 2024, the apparent pig mutates and infects the first human.

However, that’s apparently the least of our supposed imminent problems.

In January 2023, they suggest that “the first act will be passed and will lead to a full on ‘Purge’ in November of the same year.”

It sounds similar to the hit Horror film franchise, and they indicate it will start by taking place across one night for the first two years.

Yet they later said the alleged homicidal event will then expand to one week.

In a separate clip, they indicate that we might face fresh global lockdowns due to climate change.

However, they do not indicate why.

In separate findings, the TikToker predicted we would find proof of aliens by Christmas this year.

Their theories included that pyramids were made by aliens, as they once attempted to “command the galaxy.”

And speaking of the future, they also claimed that rival car makers Tesla and Amazon would team up in 2023 to make new “futuristic” tech.

According to their predictions, the innovative company would be called Fractura.

It would include inventions such as “printable food” and a Wifi chip that allegedly cures paralysis.

Users online have reacted with strong spiritism, and some have cited some of the time travellers previous “predictions” which have been unable to come to fruition.

One replied to one of their videos saying: “Nothing you have said has been accurate.”

“Sure it does,” said another.

As a third simply quipped: “I’m going back to bed!”

It follows the TikTok time traveller sharing new videos on board a helicopter as “proof” they are stuck in a post-apocalyptic future.

Javier – who calls themself the Lone Survivor – claimed they are posting from the year 2028 in a world with no other people.

Some of their seven million followers challenged them to prove their claims by going into an army base near Valencia, Spain.

Last month they posted footage of deserted barracks and a museum piece helicopter – although it was unclear if they were inside the base itself.

And this week, they followed it up with more footage that appears to show them climbing on board a modern rescue chopper.

They wrote in the caption: “If I can turn it on, where do you want it to go?”