Purse ‘frozen in time’ found under school floorboards with adorable ‘crush’ letter

Contractors helping renovate and old school unearthed an old purse from 1959 frozen in time beneath a floorboard.

The plastic clutch, which had belonged to a 13-year-old girl, had been slightly chewed by a hungry rodent over the years but otherwise was intact.

In it were family photos, a handkerchief and even diary fragments likely talking about the person’s crush.

“The next night at the teen club we started going steady”, it read.

It was found during renovations at a League City school near Houston, Texas, reports CNN. It was being turned into a community centre.

Sydney Hunt, a senior communications specialist with the Clear Creek Independent School District, told the paper: “Everything we pulled out added to her story.

“It was like piecing together a puzzle.”

He continued: “It was an accurate representation of what a teenager was like during that time. It was kind of like a time capsule.”

Through detective work, the owner of the purse was discovered – one Andrea Beverly Williams.

“It was like looking at today’s Facebook,” Richard Lewis, Vice President of the League City Historical Society said.

Her name was ran through ancestry databases and they found out Williams had passed away in 2015 but her husband and nine children were still alive.

They managed to get hold of Deborah Hicks, one of her nine children, two days before what would have been Williams’ 77th birthday.

Hicks said: “We were stunned.

“It was great to see how outgoing she was as a teen. She went to dances, had a lot of friends.”

The items were returned to Williams’ family, but they allowed the items to be kept on display at the community center.